Your voice is stronger than you think

Owen is a boy like any other ordinary little boy. He loves to play the ukulele and he loves to sing. But speaking does not come easily to Owen. He talks in bits and bobs. And, he finds that anything is possible with love, kindness and patience.

Publisher: Armour Publishing
Live to Inspire
Illustrator: Debasmita Dasgupta
ISBN: 978-981-48-0780-7
Published: 2019
Dimensions: 240mm x 210mm
Extent: 32
Finish: Paperback
Rating: Children’s Picture Book
Rights: Eva Wong Nava

Nomination: Readers’ Choice Awards; Reading with Your Kids; Book of the Month (diversity)


- Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite -

The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs by Eva Wong Nava is a beautiful story that will make children believe that everything is possible with the right attitude. Debasmita Dasgupta brings the concept alive and conveys positive messages in her wonderful illustrations that give a good pace and movement to the story and its scenes. It is a perfect storybook for tutors to read out in class or use for their storytelling sessions to encourage children to overcome their disabilities and make them confident. Many children will be able to connect with Owen and what he is going through. This book is a perfect tool for everyone to understand that nothing is impossible where there is patience, kindness, and understanding.


- Kate McFarlane, Senior Editor, Sassy Mamas Singapore -

“With vibrant illustrations and a simple, relatable plot, The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs gives children a wonderful, accessible lesson in empathy. We each have our own unique individual strengths (and weaknesses!), and The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs is a timely and important reminder of this for children.”


- Rachel Tan, Senior Educational Therapist, -

The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs is a wonderfully charming book about a boy who has a stutter. We read about how he encounters teasing from his classmates at school. What I like about it is learning how he eventually overcomes this difficulty and surprisingly becomes popular with his class in the end.


- Audrey, Speech and Language Therapist, Singapore. -

“It’s an easy-to-understand story and the illustrations are full of gorgeous colours. Owen has helped to debunk a common myth that stutterers are less intelligent or capable.


- Nicky Hudson, It’s All About Stories -

 “I’ve heard about | The Boy who talks in bits and bobs | by Eva Wong Nava. This is a lovely story about a little boy who stutters, struggles to join in in class, and his classmates make fun of him. But he finds his voice in the end, in this beautiful story of perseverance, resilience and a teacher who listened.”


- Fatima Khan Reading With Your Kids -

The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs is a visually captivating, award-winning children’s book that tells the story of a vivacious young boy named Owen. Owen is an ordinary child just like any other girl or boy his age except that he has a stammer. He speaks in bits and bobs. Owen wants to overcome his stuttering and speak fluently. You get to experience Owen’s journey as he invites readers to learn about what it is like to stutter from his perspective and how it affects his daily life and makes him feel. […] The narrative is captivating and keeps children eagerly engaged. Likewise, the message is highly compelling to give parents a reason to share it with their children. This beautifully illustrated book reveals how Owen learned new ways of expressing himself.”